First Semester

Okay! So my first day of classes is today! It's a day of added specialness in that it is also my daughter's first Monday! It's going to be very interesting this semester with a teeny weeny one around, but we have help.

So I'm basically taking Computer Science 101 as well as Discrete Structures. I'm reasonably cocky about the former and understandably determined about the latter. Again, the entire purpose of this blog is to review my progress in CS so bare with me if it seems a bit fundamental and uninteresting. This is like an open journal for me!

CSCI 1300 - Computer Science I: Starting Programming
  • This class teaches techniques for writing computer programs in high level programming languages to solve problems of interest in a range of application domains. This class is intended for students with little to no experience in computing or programming.
CSCI 2824 - Discrete Structures
  • Covers foundational materials for computer science that is often assumed in advanced courses. Topics include set theory, Boolean algebra, functions and relations, graphs, propositional and predicate calculus, proofs, mathematical induction, recurrence relations, combinatorics, discrete probability. Focuses on examples based on diverse applications of computer science.

Ok, so I'm always one to be well prepared and so my python and c/c++ experience should make 1300 a walk in the park, and I'm pretty good with math. I took multiple python courses on Udemy over the last two years, and am currently taking An Intro to C++ taught by Frank Mitropoulis that is EXCELLENT - even now I'm watching his lectures on using pointers, good stuff! I also have a python class taught by Frank's same outfit that I'm going to do concurrently with the Computer Science 1300 class. I am also enrolled in a Coursera course on Discrete Mathematics; I like to bury myself in the subject matter of concern. I suppose that is a strength and a weakness. Anyways, I'll follow this post up after the first week or so to see how my expectations align with reality!

Books for this semester:

Python Programming - An Introduction to Computer Science 2nd Edition by Zelle

Think Python - How to Think Like a Computer Scientist 2nd Edition by Downey

Problem Solving with C++ 9th Edition by Savitch

Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications 7th Edition by Rosen