CU Boulder, Week 2

Quick update.

My second week in my introduction to computing class was a cinch, literally. I was able to do all the homework and quizzes and programming last Sunday night before the week even started. In my discrete mathematics course, not such a cinch -- it was a lot of work. Lots of time intensive proofs using propositional and predicate logic, riddles, and studies in deductive reasoning -- easy, but time intensive, i.e. I spend at least 2 hours a day on readings and homework problems and only finished Friday afternoon (actually Thursday if using US timezone). I actually could have spent less time, but I was fascinated by many of the principles, as it was my first exposure to this stuff. So far so good here.

Still making progress in both C++ and Advanced Python. Also picked up another basic course in Python because it goes over making Python GUI interfaces. Cool! So far I am pleasantly pleased with the program.

On networking, I connected with my program director and made one contact through him, so far, at the faculty level who seems to be willing to walk me through doing research / independent study as a remote student. Very important for later career exploration, as well as graduate school prospects. Additionally, I made contact with an individual in industry through an ML mailing list associated with CU Boulder about an interest project working on knowledge mapping and machine learning. So far, so good during only my second week, eh?