CUB Week 4

This week covered python functions and set theory. Fascinating stuff. Assignments in both classes this week were very time consuming, but still easy otherwise.

I also reviewed matrix vector and matrix matrix multiplication from linear algebra in preparation for writing my own  linear regression models from scratch. This is a project I’ve decided to do to force me to understand what programming language machine learning libraries are actually doing under the hood. I intend to make three versions of all the algorithms I can think of: octave, python, and c++. I feel the different syntax will help solidify in my mind the pseudocodic thinking necessary to be really good at this stuff.

Furthermore, I have been working with two programmers in different parts of the US on a startup idea involving graph databases and NLP. I finished out my Sunday afternoon getting a Google Cloud Platform instance up and running with Neo4j. Oh, so I guess I added GCP deployment to my tool belt as well today!